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I can tell you that my past was definitely broke. My Mother bless her soul did the best she could with what she had. She had to make a decision early in life that haunted her for the rest of her life. You see my Mom had to leave my Sister in Alabama and take me. She was then living with my Sisters crazy Dad. He told my Mom point-blank that if she took his Daughter he would blow her brains out. So my Mom took me. We boarded the bus for New York City and I was four years old. She met my Stepfather when I was six and it was dysfunctional ever since.

He was an abusive man so they fought most of the time. I have a burn on my right hand to this day that I can remember when he put the cigarette out on my hand. My Mom had three children by him and all of us were nervous wrecks growing up. My Sister’s and Brother saw things we shouldn’t have and heard things that we cared not to know. I am giving you the short version because the long one isn’t pretty. So I grew up and was in some abusive relationships but I wasn’t the one to just take a hit. You see my Mom would always protect herself and fight back so that’s what I did. I was also an enabler and had to realize that it wasn’t a healthy relationship either. My two Sister’s also were in abusive relationships. My Brother is still a lost soul. This is what happens when you just stay and it isn’t good for anyone.

I have four children and decided that I did not want them to see this ugly side of life. I removed myself and kids from the equation. Just because you were raised with racism, alcoholism or abuse you can change it. You cannot let the past control your destiny. Someday I will write a blog on some stories from my past but I’m not ready yet. I just hope that this will help and inspire someone who is struggling with issues now. You have to be the one to break the cycle. You have to be the one to change the next generations future and yours. You have to be the one to fix it!

Quote for today:Though no-one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end. ~ Author Unknown ~


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