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My Family-1!

As I sit here thinking of so many memories of my children it brings home that I haven’t seen them in a while. Actually the last time I saw most of them was last year New Years Eve! You wouldn’t believe that My husband and I live in Carson City Nevada and they live in San Jose CA, Gilroy CA, and Union City CA. Let’s not forget Maryland!

I have 4 Daughters and 1 Son and 11 Grandchildren they are my world! Unfortunately life gets in the way! I should really rephrase that because by no means should unfortunately and life be in the same sentence. I am 58 years old! I am happy, healthy and have a wealth of blessings. I have friends that I have known for years real friends. You know the ones that you can count on one hand! So really life is good. I just miss my beautiful wonderful kids and Grand kids!

Sometimes circumstances get in the way and time moves entirely to fast. This is what I am feeling today. Time is moving to me at the speed of light.
Don’t get me wrong I know that I am blessed and complaining doesn’t help but in this case it does. My husband got a promotion which is awesome.
He is the new kid on the block which means no time off. All the timing just did not fit in to us getting to CA. We all have made arrangements to see each other New Year’s Eve of 2013! So here I am today missing them like crazy and anticipating for the year’s end to arrive.

I know that I am so lucky and blessed because I am married to my best friend and I love all of my children with all of my heart. Some people don’t know what that is. So today I am missing them and remembering all the good times we had together and anticipating new and fun memories.

There is nothing like family!

Quote for today….Having a place to go – is a home. Having someone to love – is a family. Having both – is a blessing. ~Donna Hedges


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